The Making of “The Time Lurkers – The Spookiest Valentine”

Today I’ll start talking about the original idea behind the story and how it came to be. Keep in mind “The Time Lurkers- The Spookiest Valentine” hasn’t been translated into English yet. However, I’ll publish English bios of the characters as soon as I can.

Eiffel65’s Time is not our cage (in Italian: Quelli che non hanno età) is Sweetie and the Heartaquins’s anthem… The quintet might think they’ll avoid death forever… unless someone throws haggis at them, that is.

The beta name of the story was The 14 nights of Valentine’s Day.

The 14 nights of Valentine’s day – the Time Lurkers Valentine’s day special. February 2011. Pecan meets the creature he fears the most and he’s sent into an underground world. In the future! Meanwhile, the other Time Lurkers gathered in downtown Naonian City. Minerva and Miss Ionic gathered their friends (Takao, his niece and Sandikov) to help them and their High-School students with an upcoming play.

Then Midori (Takao’s 17-year-old niece) meets Bea a young girl from a social housing complex.  Bea needs to escape from her abusive family situation!

Meanwhile in the future, Pecan finds himself during Carnival and he finds out about Christian (Minerva’s evil zombie twin) plan. Christian teamed up with a bunch of zombie children. While those kids’re always craving crepes, Christian’s deleting the past (as in, our heroes’ present). He must be stopped, or he’ll create an irreversible wormhole!

Will our heroes save time and close the wormhole? Will Minerva, Miss Ionic, their friends and high schoolers be able to perform on stage? Will Bea find a new family to live with? Will Pecan be able to travel back to…the present and change the grim future Christian and his little helpers built?

Christian was meant to be the evil twin. However, I decided not to go that route, as it felt too cliched and over-used. I turned him into a good guy instead. While the story doesn’t tell you that, I think Christian accidentally stumbled across Sweetie and the Heartaquins. The five “kids” then deceived him. In the original version, Sweetie and the Heartaquins were zombies instead of “undefeatable” tricksters.

Bea’s mother had to be stabbed… not exactly in the back. However, I got my fair share of criticism. My father thought it was a cheap and vulgar image, unsuitable for the 12+ crowd the story’s aimed at. He was right. So she was stabbed much like Julius Caesar’s was. She didn’t die, but…

Sweetie and the Heartaquins were members of the UFO cult “Dieser Tao”. Their backstory’s first told in the 4th part of the story.

The main characters fear for most of the story they won’t be able to go on stage, and Bea has to find a new accommodation while avoiding her abusive father.

The story is a Halloween and Valentine’s Day special (two European festivities – from Ireland and Britain respectively- that Americans turned into cash-cow opportunities). Sweetie and the Heartaquins go trick or treating every February 14. They knock on people’s door and say “Sweet or Hearts?” An even earlier idea of the story had Pecan be sent to a pumpkin patch on October 31st.

Anyway, I chose those two festivities because I find them to be amazing plot ideas. Halloween evokes Death and Valentine’s Day evokes love, after all.

In the final draft of the story, Pecan is like a male-version of Princess Peach. He cannot escape from the sewers he’s held hostage in and it’s up to his wacky gang of friends to set him free.

The 14 days of Valentine’s idea was kept in the final product. This takes inspiration from the sixth Pokemon Movie, Jirachi Wish Maker. The plot of the movie revolves around Jirachi’s coming to Earth for Seven days every 1000 years. The Seven Days part of the movie is a clear reference to Tanabata (the Japanese counterpart of St. Valentine’s Day). The whole 14-days-idea is the reason why the story’s pace changes. It starts off slowly, then it accelerates, it becomes slow again and then it picks up speed and… Yeah, you get my point.

Last but not least, Asamoah the black guy from Ghana, Viviana the Naonian brunette and Codeghin the pig guy from San Daniele del Friuli weren’t meant to be a consolidated trio. They were just three kids meeting each other for the first time. However, as the story evolved, I figured it would be better for them to be the best of friends. So I rewrote a dialogue where Asamoah and Viviana were shaking hands. They pretended not to know each other and burst into laughter afterwards. This joke of shaking hands with a close friend was something my friends loved to do before that Covid BS hit.

That’s all for now… In realtà ho una cosa da dire, volete leggere questo articolo in italiano? Cliccate qui allora!

In the next chapter of the Making of The Time Lurkers the Spookiest Valentine – Welcome to Naonian City, Europe!